Is it possible to rename the VAADIN/ folder?

I wish to rename the VAADIN/ folder, as I would rather it not appear in the URL on timeout.

There is [an old post]
( about this relating to Vaadin 8, however I was wondering whether this had changed in recent versions of Vaadin. I had a brief look at the Vaadin server source on GitHub and could not see it hardcoded in the same way mentioned in that post.

The VAADIN/ path is still used for, at least, serving static files: , for example the vaadinPush-min.js javascript file. So you could change the code and build your own version of the Flow framework, but that part is currently not configurable.

It might be possible through an inverse proxy server that takes the requests from the client and proxies them to the web application. I don’t have an example of that atm, but you might want to explore a tool like Netflix Zuul, for example.