Is it possible to publish the Vaadin Bakery example for Java EE with a permissive license?

I wonder if it is possible to publish the Vaadin Bakery example for Java EE with a permissive license? The Spring version is already available under The Unlicense here:

Bakery for Java EE is a well-architected, comprehensive example that uses CDI, Shiro, DeltaSpike Data + JPA and other Java EE features and reflects Vaadin’s view on what is the best way to build business applications. Even though Java EE is less well supported in Vaadin 23/24, it is worth to have good reference examples, as was just recently requested in this post:

    The Bakery for Java EE example project was using Vaadin 8 (or maybe it was updated to 14, I’m not sure), but most of the building blocks, idioms and principles from the example project still apply and the necessary Vaadin 24/Jakarta EE glue code can be written using the example Vaadin 8 code as a blueprint.

To my knowledge, Bakery example for Java EE was only available for Vaadin 8 (it was never updated to V14+).

We do not have comprehensive Java EE demo at the moment. There are some demo projects from Vaadiners such as the one here, which show cases quite a lot different things. However the authentication is vanilla (I have had in my backlog idea to replace it with JAAS or Shiro, but not done due lack of time) GitHub - TatuLund/bookstore-flow-ee: Java EE version of Bookstore Vaadin 24 multimodule project with EAR packaging

OK, thanks for confirming.

Thanks, this looks nice! I think it would be great to merge the concepts from this with the Bakery for Java EE example project. But first things first: can we first publish the Bakery for Java EE Vaadin 8 version as-is with a permissive license? Then it is possible to build upon it, the community can contribute upgrades to Vaadin 24 etc. In case you don’t have the source anymore, I have a licensed copy from 2017 that I can share with you.