Is it possible to have two ContainerProperties for a same table?


I am new to Vaadin. I have a question that, can I have two different ContainerProperty for same table.
eg. for a column “A” First row should have
ic.addContainerProperty(p, ComboBox.class, null);
and from then on it should have
ic.addContainerProperty(p, String.class, “”);

Please share your views.

No, but you can use Component.class as type and use Labels instead if Strings.

Thanks Henri. It worked fine. But column sorting is not working now.! :mellow:

Just one more question, can I lock the first row of the table? I dont want to make this row as part of sortable data.

Thanks in advance.


Reading between the lines, it sounds like you are trying to do some kind of filter on the table (using the first row to enter the filter).

It’s quite tricky to do this in Vaadin; Personally, I’d try and avoid doing this unless it’s really necessary.


  1. No, you cannot freeze the first row
  2. You cannot use “special” or “different” components in the first row.

Typically, if you are trying to simulate a filter row, you’d have to try and simulate the column header on the table (instead of using the first row of data as the filter). It’s actually quite difficult to do this -
Filtering Table
) is an add-on that tries to make this easier. NB : I have not used this add-on, as my project doesn’t try and do this filtering paradigm.




Thanks a lot Charles for the information.
I will try the addon… And will let you know.

Thanks -_-

Can I user Table footer for the same?
But I can see it only supports Strings…