Is it possible to have several different textcolors in one textarea?

Hi Guys,

How to I change the color of a specific line or row of string in a Text area ?


TextArea translates into on the browser. You can’t style the text inside it. For styling text inside a TextArea look into RichTextArea component.

Thanks for suggestion Johannes Häyry.

Hi Johannes Häyry,

I have tried RichtextArea and it is working fine for color.

but i am getting one issue that after getting large value inside the RichtextArea, scrollbar is not coming.

Suggest me.

Thanks in advance


Have you tried setting a height for the rich text area? And what is your layout structure around the text area (what are the heights of the surrounding layouts)?

Thanks for reply Jouni Koivuviita .

I have solved that issue with the help of below css .

.v-richtextarea {
overflow: auto;

Actually i have added RichTextArea into one vertical layout and also given height(260px),width(100%).
Don’t know why i was not getting scrollbar .

I have solved this through debugging(Inspect Element) in browser.