Is it possible to have a nested parent layout hierarchy with Router?

I am trying to do something like this:

MainLayout: "/" 
|_ StoresLayout: "stores", layout=MainLayout
   |_ StoreView: ":storeId", layout=StoresLayout
      |  Tabs with: Tab1 Tab2
      |_ StoreTab1View: "tab1", layout=StoreView
      |_ StoreTab2View: "tab2", layout=StoreView

When I try to implement this nested levels with the tabs, following this example:, I face multiple challenges!

  1. The RouterLink can’t find the route for any of the tabs components
  2. If I use on the tabs an annotation with the full path and set it as absolute, it doesn’t load in the UI the MainLayout, only the StoreView
  3. If I have another class with the same route name e.g.tab1 but with a different parent layout, the server doesn’t crash but the page result is a 503 (very silent error).

Any suggestions in how to implement this? Much appreciated.

The router training video covers the topic briefly, IIRC. In case that would help Trainings | Vaadin