Is it possible to generate UI from existing entities classes ?


I will be wondered to find any tool that permit to generate Vaadin UI from existing Entities classes.

We have a very old web application using Struts 1 and jsp (and jspf) for which I would like to rewrite the View part (=> presentation).
I can’t use Struts 1 anymore, so I have to change it. Firstly I would like to use Stripes Framework to avoid any config file, but now I discovered Vaadin, I prefer to use Vaadin, so, I will never need to write any HTML/JS line of code anymore.

But the problem is that I would like to keep my entities and services which contain very complex tasks and I can’t imagine using Spring Roo to generate all application from scratch because of the complexity of the business rules that I don’t want to rewrite.
I’ve started to convert all my entities for using Annotations and so, removing the HBM files.

It will be very nice to have the possibility to automatically generate all the CRUD Forms in Vaadin format for the Entities I select in a kind of list (not all Entities are used as form) to avoid me to recreate it by hand because there is more than 100 forms to create …

Does this kind of tool exists ?

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I will try to address this a little in
your other thread