Is it possible to create a custom tooltip on a grid?

I see grid.setTooltipGenerator(…) however I would like to create a custom tooltip that would show why a row is in the grid is part of the search result. In other words a custom tooltip to show that row 3 is in the table because the search matches the 3rd column with the word “…” and that word would be highlighted in yellow. Grid.setTooltipGenerator() only allows a text rather than a component. I also looked at adding a listener but I’m not sure which would be appropriate for a mouse over like a tooltip (versus say a focus, click, etc.). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The built-in tooltip does not support html content at the moment.

Also: Tooltips · Issue #3146 · vaadin/platform · GitHub

If I understand correctly it’s also not in the pipeline… Hopefully that changes because it’s a great feature to have.

Thank you for the information.