Is it possible to configure the Vaadin Servlet to ignore certain requests..

\u0000I am using Spring Boot with Vaadin 14 to build a jar-packaged application. I would like to configure a second servlet next to the main Vaadin servlet to serve non-Vaadin content for a particular url, annotated like this:\n\n@WebServlet(urlPatterns = {\"/renderChart\"})\n\nAt the moment, my application is only configured via annotations, so I don’t have a web.xml file. The Vaadin application is listening to the requests from the root "/". \n\nHow can I tell the Vaadin servlet that it should not pick up calls to this particular url pattern (\"/renderChart\"), which should be picked up by the other servlet? \n\nOr is the only way to configure the Vaadin servlet to listen on a fully separate mapping, as explained in [this example]
(\n\nThanks for your thoughts. \uD83D\uDE4F\uD83C\uDFFB