Is it ok to mix automatic and manual push?

Most of the time we rely on automatic push, but sometimes we want to manually trigger pushes. The usual pattern is:

  1. open a “progress” dialog
  2. push
  3. do some long-running task
  4. close the dialog
  5. push
  6. finish up
    This appears to work, but I want to know if it is officially OK. We’re running into occasional “resynchronizing UI” problems and I want to rule this out as a cause.

I think it should be fine. Resync issues sound more like you might have updated some UI state outside a ui.access somewhere

Put me in the same boat as @quick-monkey in his thread from 30 November. The app works great for most people most of the time. Certain individuals at certain locations seem to run into resync problems more than most.

Do these two issues look similar to your case? We are going to revisit the resynchronisation problem within the upcoming weeks and those two are the candidates to look at, because they have a reproducible steps (however they might be obsolete and not reproducible anymore with the latest versions, need to try).

I’ve had the same problem as @humble-cat . I just switched from PushMode.Automatic to PushMode.Manual which works fine.

Sorry for the delayed response, I have been on holiday. Our case is V23 and uses default/automatic Push mode. We normally observe the resync problem approximately coincident with user action, not generally during explicitly pushed asynchronous updates (though the server might certainly be pushing updates). We did not observe this issue under V14.