iPad support

iPad SDK was released (for free) yesterday and the first thing I wanted to try out with it was how Vaadin runs on iPad. It turned out that it runs quite well.

Here are two demos I recorded on iPad simulator:

I was wondering if there will be better support for touch-based devices soon (or in Vaadin 7)?

The (main) problem I have at the moment is that scrolling requires two fingers. Though I notice that Gmail on the iPad seems to scroll just fine with one finger. Requiring two finger scrolling is not at all intuitive. Is there some magic I can get that to work now or does it need a change in Vaadin itself?

I also notice that if I design my UI to work in 1024x768 it still doesn’t render as expected on iPad, namely there appears to be a margin on on the right hand side of the browser.

Thanks in advance.


Currently I’d suggest to try this addon:

It provides one finger scrolling for main components. Thats often to most problematic part (especially for non nerd end users who don’t know the two finger trick).

Another thing that might help is to add following tag to the head of your host page html:

It’ll most likely improve the usability if you have designed the interface somewhat for tablets.

GWT has bee quite slow adopting new touch events and we haven’t rushed to create our own hacked solutions into the core. We’d like to do it properly once we get on to it. Now GWT team has finally released a milestone release where they have some sort of support for touch events (2.2). We will use that version in Vaadin 6.6 series and we now have somewhat solid base for creating a decent touch support for core components. I started working on this last week. For a really good touch UI one will still need to design it for touch events from ground up, but I’m sure that from Vaadin 6.6 on it is really possible.


Thanks Matti!