iPad not work with generated column Button

Hi to all,
I’m very happy to see native iPad support in lastest release of Vaadin. Vaadin’s team rocks!!

But I cannot use some function: in some table, i use ColumnGenerator to create Button to view record’s info in a separated Window, and workd well on Mac & Pc but not work on iPad.

When i touch the button, the row is selected and the button get focus, but I seems to not generate event.

Is it a bug ?

Thanks a lot.


I am also facing the same problem, I have a few buttons inside a generated columns of a table row. Now except these buttons inside the Generated column all other buttons work fine. I am not using an Ipad touchkit or something of that sort. I am just accessing a web application.


The people who have worked the most on the touch support are on vacation right now, coming back soon. However, I guess this would be worth a ticket so that they will look into this - please
create one

@Ajay Kumar Bathula and Stefano Ferrari
We’re also using iPads with out standard web app layout and have found several problems. You can find the tickets here:

Tables fires only 1 change event on iPad

No vertical scrollbar in com.vaadin.ui.Table on iPad

getWindow().open() doesn’t open new window on iPad

@Vaadin team
Please take the iPads (1&2) and Android tablets into the list of supported browsers or at least use them for testing new releases. I don’t use special touchpad features but I would like to have my app working on iPads and Android tablets. So far, I can’t use them on iPads (Android tablets not yet tested).