interruptUpload is not interrupting file upload on client side

Hi, I am trying to interrupt a fileuplaod with the Upload.interruptUpload() method. On the server side it is properly executed but even after the exception is fired on the gui the file upload is not cancelled. Any idea? Is it a known bug?

Is there no intention to fix it? It has been reported 4 years ago

Well the “workaround” / solution is pretty simple by just calling upload.clearFileList(); in your method

Sorry I missed that, I actually found this issue reported as well when I opened the ticket and the workaround was not there by that time it was added 2 days ago

but I will try it out thanks

Tatu added it after my comment here :sweat_smile:

Hi i tried this but for me it does not seem to work

the file is still there after i call clearFileList

public void updateProgress(final long readBytes, final long contentLength) {
if (readBytes > maxAttachmentSize || contentLength > maxAttachmentSize) {


I call it in the updateListener

You tried in the upload finished / failed listener? Possible that using it while uploading doesn’t work

didnt work either, i tried it it successfully cleared it 1 of 3 times