Internet Explorer addressbar inactive after rendering UI

Hi all,

We have a vaadin application with 2 tables, a vertical layout and an Accordian.

2 tables
- single columned (like a listbox).

Vertical layout
- with dynamically generated custom layout to hold some labels.

- Has 2 tabs.

The vertical layout and the Accordian are made visible when user selects an item in the one of the tables.

After we load data and show the UI, the addressbar remains locked (You cannot change the value in the addressbar - looks like IE is waiting for something - but all the components are loaded in the browser).


To get the IE out of that state,

  • I had to click any where on the UI.
  • Wait for sometime.

We use:
Vaadin - 6.8.1
IE - 8

This issue doesn’t happen with other vaadin applications that we have.
I see nothing running on the server side.

Experts, Do you have any suggestions on how to find out what the IE is waiting for?

Thanks in advance.

The corresponding
ticket #10464
has now been fixed.