Internationalization for RichTextArea


I stumbled over the fact, that the toolbar for RichTextArea is hardcoded english.
Do you plan to change this in the future or can you provide a way to change the tooltips and other strings?

Localization of RichTextArea is addressed in the Book, see the

The buttons of the toolbar are loaded from a single image, which you can replace in a custom theme. Notice that the order of the buttons is a bit different in the image than in the UI.

Disclaimer: What I describe below is not officially supported and is subject to change without notice! I have not tested these techniques.

The toolbar tooltips come from the file com/vaadin/terminal/gwt/client/ui/richtextarea/VRichTextToolbar$ using GWT i18n mechanisms in VRichTextToolbar.Strings. These strings are included in the widgetset at widgetset compilation time.

It might be possible to use GWT localization mechanisms to customize this. See the
GWT Developer’s Guide
for more information. You might need to put your own properties files in a matching directory in your project that is on the widgetset compiler classpath.