InternalError: too much recursion

Hi there.

I have a Window based class which just contains a vertical layout. So far ok.

Now there are two other components: A FilterTable (add-on) and a component based on Panel.

I can add the one or the other to the vertical layout of the window and it shows as expected. But if I add both, the application hangs and in the debug window I get a large error log with “too much recursion” at the end.

Now I’m a little bit lost, beause I don’t understand the error and I don’t know what to do or at least try to solve it.

Are there any hints or general suggestions for dealing with such internal errors?

Thanks for any help,

Code of the window based class:

public class HistoryTimeline extends Window {

    public HistoryTimeline(Window window, DomainWithHistory entity) {


        VerticalLayout main = new VerticalLayout();

         * this does not work, will cause an internal
         * error because of endless recursion
         * don't know why, but only one of HistoryView and FilterTable can be added
         * HistoryView hv = new HistoryView(entity, false);
         * main.addComponent(hv);

        FilterTable table = new FilterTable();