Intermittent Session Freeze Issue in Vaadin 24.3.11 with Quarkus 3.2.11 – Need Help!

Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out to the community for some guidance on an issue we’ve been experiencing with our internal software built using Vaadin 24.3.11 and Quarkus 3.2.11.Final.
We’ve encountered a persistent problem where sessions randomly freeze. This freeze occurs without any apparent blocking operations, and it doesn’t resolve unless the user switches to incognito mode.

Interestingly, this doesn’t occur on any specific view but seems to affect them randomly, including views that are purely for display.

It’s worth mentioning that this problem did not occur with our previous stack of Quarkus 2.x.x and Vaadin 23.x.x. The issue has only arisen after we upgraded to the current versions to transition to Jakarta 10.

Has anyone else experienced similar session freezing issues, particularly following an upgrade? If so, how were you able to resolve or mitigate the problem? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this issue significantly impacts our workflow.

Thank you in advance for your help and looking forward to your suggestions!

Best regards,

What do you mean by “sessions randomly freeze”
Can you provide additional information? Do you see any error on server console (e.g. from vertx-blocked-thread-checker)?
Can it be related to this issue Vaadin Quarkus push enabled application runs into Vertx Thread blocked during findVaadinSession · Issue #144 · vaadin/quarkus · GitHub?