Interaction with other programs from vaadin


I’m writing a vaadin application, which

  1. needs to create a file at some location, then
  2. start another application, which processes the file and puts the results into the same directory and
  3. at the end, my application parses the output of the external application.

The purpose of the application is to track tasks and projects easila - in my application I can enter
the task and project data, then use
TaskJuggler III
to calculate the
estimated completion dates. AFAIK there is no web GUI for TaskJuggler III.

So, my questions is: Where (into which path) can I safely place the file in step 1 so
that TaskJuggler III can find it and write the output file into the same directory?

Thanks in advance


Hi Dmitri,

as Vaadin app is executed at server side, feel free to select any os-appropriate directory. For instance, you can use “user.home” system property to place all your temporary files under user’s home folder to which you most likely will have write permissions in any OS / enviroment. You can also try using value of the “” system property which will point to a system temporary folder.