Inter-Portlet Drag and Drop ?


I’m trying to allow draging components from one Vaadin portlet to another (using liferay as portlet container), and am not able to achieve it :
although dragging and dropping works, event.getTransferable() returns an ‘empty’ TransferableImpl (null source component, null “component” data, and only mouseDown infos), both when examining AcceptCritrion and dropping :frowning:
I tried all this using DragAndDropWrapper first, then with dragdroplayouts add-on, with the same results
Since my portlets already communicate via IPC, this is not a crucial point, but dnd is a nice feature to have (and it’s already used elsewhere in the application)… Is there anything special to do to enable IP dnd ? is it a liferay issue, or is it technically not feasible using Vaadin (I’m using v 6.7.3, by the way) ?

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Hi again,

Thought a little about this problem, and think some kind of ugly tweak might work : in this particular case, dragged component has no importance, and is only used to pass an identifier to the drop target (attached via setData()). Since I can receive drop event, it should be possible to use this event as a simple notification, and retrieve the data from somewhere in session…
the point of this is : how do I get a kind of ‘drag started’ event to populate session with relevant data ? I tried to overrive DragAndDropWrapper methods, but none of them seem to be called when a drag starts; I also know there is a post on this forum regarding this question, and an aswer stating more or less that this was in progress… does anybody know if this could be achieved and/or if there is a better way to do this ?


We are trying to achive same goal, and i am rather interesting in this issue. I would realy wonder if you or somebody else manage to somehow get this DnD work between portlets…
Did you do any progress on this matter?Thank you

I’m also interested by this topic, any news ?

Ehila All! :slight_smile:

I’m also super-interested in the topic … any way to do it? :slight_smile: