IntelliJ - vaadin lumo css variables

how to let IntelliJ know about vaadin lumo css variables ? I want these variables auto populate when I type and also don’t want see them as warnings

Which Vaadin version are you on?
This should be fixed in 24.0 at least, and I think it has been backported to the latest 23 minor.


hmm, then I don’t know why it’s not working. The fix was done in this PR:

Probably an intellij config issue, but I haven’t used intellij for years so not sure where to even start looking.

Default configured intellij ultimate no problem for me in a theme. Just an idea: node_modules could be excluded by intellij indexing and therefore it’s not displayed

Maybe the theme is not in the main project ( when you are putting the theme in a submodule I think the variables are not found)

I’m also wondering if it’s working if you don’t have a custom bundle ( no JavaScript) or no nodes_modules.

Good question :sweat_smile: probably not (guess, because all my projects have bundles disabled)

this is my prj structure

this is from starter. no much changes to it

I’ll add my Christmas :gift: wish here for a java class that holds all Lumo variables as String constants :pray:

Did you try LumoUtility?

I tried it, and searched for the equivalent of var(--lumo-space-s) for example.

LumoUtility is for CSS classes so you can add a padding with that space

Are you looking something like this ?

Now, I’m able to see. But don’t know how. May be re-running the pnpm installer ?