IntelliJ Idea 13 finds EntryPoint class only inside com.vaadin:vaadin-clien

I have created a maven vaadin project using the vaadin-archetype-application:7.1.9 but when I tried to create a class that implements EntryPoint, it does not find the class (althought it is already imported as a maven dependency) and if I press Add Maven Dependency in the ‘search for class’ tab it shows that it can import the class only from com.vaadin:vaadin-client:7.1.8.
I post the whole project image to get a more exact description of the situation

You normally don’t need to extend EntryPoint yourself when making an Vaadin application. You just extend UI and implement init().

Or are you trying to create a pure GWT application? In that case, EntyPoint should be located in vaadin-client. Vaadin repackages the gwt jars into its own jars.

Yeah I am trying to create a client application following the instructions of the ‘Vaadin 7 UI Design by example’ book chapter 8.
The problem is that although I have already imported vaadin client and I see the class in my libraries, my ide is not auto-importing it.
I’ve already opened a thread in jetbrains community forum here :