IntelliJ 14.1.5 with Vaadin? Not working

How do I install the Vaadin plugin for IntelliJ 14.1.5? I can’t seem to solve the problem, and the internet can’t help me.
When I’ve downloaded the .jar file, where do I put it? Plugins in the IntelliJ folder?

Hope somebody had the same issue and are able to help me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Hi Alexander,
Maybe this is offtopic, but I would go for a Maven project to ease a lot the dependency issues.
You have several Vaadin archetypes available.
There’s a description on how to create, and run the projects based on this archetypes:

This way you can manage Vaadin version that you want to use just by specifying it in the dependency in the “pom.xml” file and do not need to deal with downloading and placing anything manually
Hope it helps.

Is MAVEN just an API ?

No, Maven is a build tool. It manages all the dependencies for you and has a plethora of plugins that you can use for whatever you can imagine:

I find it a bit confusing how to install it? I may be a bit ‘retarded’ when it comes to these plugins sometimes. I don’t understand the installation guide fra MAVEN? :frowning:

When I write echo $JAVA_HOME it returns empty

Sorry, but in this topic, I can only recommend you to read the documentation. Nowadays you should probably avoid managing application libraries on your own when there’s such great tools as Maven, Ivy or Gradle.
The time invested on this topic will pay back almost immediately. I would recommend you to try to learn any of those as soon as possible. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but nobody works in current projects with manual library management.