I need to some help from all regarding replacing my application’s UI code with vaadin.

My application is using Bzbyte open source ajax library and it using jsp not servlet like in vaadin to start the application process. It also embedding all code in JSP only.
Bzbyte framework has same concepts of lines that vaadin. it has concepts of controller that plays the role like terminal adapter plays in Vaadin.

I have to replace bzbyte framework with vaadin. Bzbyte is using page-context to save session data. It also uses it to create a new dummy page-context that can be used in internal application.

My problem ,

how to replace that page-context in vaadin? or how to get that page-context behavior through vaadin? or we need create a dummy page-context implementation?

Can Webapplication class plays page-context role ?

Is it vaadin containing some class that has same behaviour that page-context has?

Link for bzbyte

I know it takes some valuable time of all to answer it but please help me to understand how to fit my application to vaadin.

Waiting for positive reply.

Thanks and regards
Surender Singh

In Vaadin, the application state lives on the server, in the session. You can simply use the fields of your classes to store state information.

Note that for a single session (user and browser), only a single “Window” is typically used. This means that if the user opens the application in another browser window, he sees the same state as in the first one - and keeping the two open simultaneously can lead to synchronization problems between the UI and the server.

To use multiple windows to allow users to have multiple pages of the same application open simultaneously, see
the chapter on application level windows in the book
. There are also several old forum threads around the topic. Then keep the page-specific state in the components that are in your windows.

If bookmarkable views are needed, you can use the UriFragmentUtility or e.g. the
Navigator add-on
on top of it. You might also want to take a look at higher level frameworks on top of Vaadin such as
Toolkit Productivity Tools