Integration with gwt-dnd


Firstly - thanks to the Vaadin developers for an excellent framework!

Has anyone been able to successfully integrate or use the gwt-dnd toolkit ( with a Vaadin based application?

I mainly would like to know if it is possible and if there are any “gotchas” to look out for or what lessons were learnt.

I would appreciate any feedback.


Just to make sure, are you aware that Vaadin 6.3 will be released in less than two weeks and it will include dnd support? As suggested in
another thread
, the 6.3 branch is stabilizing and the nightly builds can be used in development environments.

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the fast response.
Yes I’ve seen the post for drag and drop.

However I’ve building a diagram builder of sorts, something like a visio or uml tool for a specific vertical market.
And I need a way to connect “boxes” (labels or images) with lines and arrows.
I’ve done it using gwt-dnd and gwt-diagrams ( on basic GWT.
But have been having trouble using it as a custom component in a Vaadin project.

I should have mentioned the diagramming part - my apologies.


  • would the upcoming drag and drop features support the ability to add lines and connectors?
    (which would need to lengthen and shorten and move around with their connected “boxes”)

  • is there example code showing how to use the drag and drop features?
    (I haven’t been able to find anything in vaadin-6.3.0.nightly-20100223-c11503 release - perhaps I need to look closer)

Thanks again for the quick response!


The dnd features in Vaadin wont probably help you too much. Features there concentrate on connection things with drag and drop via server side api.

For your scenario I see no problems in using gwt-dnd.

For Vaadin dnd examples, load the latest zip package from nightly build directory. jar file contains no examples or tests.



Thanks Matti.