Integrate Spring Boot into existing Vaadin Flow project

Hello, I’m trying to retrofit a Vaadin Flow project with Spring Boot support. Specifically, I took the business app template as a base because it fits my use case, which is a non-Spring Boot starter. Then I added Spring Boot to it using this guide After some tinkering I made it work but only with the existing maven jetty run task. I can see Spring Boot starting up together with Vaadin. However trying to launch through the Spring Boot Java Launcher or maven task directly doesn’t work: ```Web application could not be started as there was no org.springframework.boot.web.servlet.server.ServletWebServerFactory bean defined in the context.

There isn’t really anything else needed. Just make sure the boot and vaadin version are compatible and the scanned packages match once you have added all dependencies

So the normal SB starter e.g ```@SpringBootApplication
public class Application extends SpringBootServletInitializer {

public static void main(String[] args) {, args);

}``` should be sufficient for it to pick up Vaadin, yes ?

the scanned packages match once you have added all dependencies
How do I check that ?

This is just used for the war deployment, extending isn’t even needed with the jar deployment.

Well everything has to be bellow the package of this class you have Just shown, otherwise you need to configure the scanned packages

Ok I understand what the problem was. I excluded Tomcat because it made problems when running using the jetty task. So makes sense it didn’t work. Now my only question left is, does it make any difference to run Vaadin on Tomcat or Jetty through Spring Boot ?

Personal opinion: stick with tomcat because it’s the default provided by spring boot :sweat_smile:

ok thanks for the help knoobie ^^