IntegerField background is different from TextField

Not sure why only IntegerField background is different TextField and how to fix this

Not an answer to your question, but a tip: replace the IntegerFields with text fields and do proper validation with the binder, your users are going to thank you

using IntegerField makes the mobile keyboard to use only numbers

I tried this ```vaadin-number-field::part(input-field) {

}``` but not getting the desired reuslt

And makes it impossible to have a postal code with 01234.

If you inspect the element in the browser, you should get the information which other rule has higher precedence

Looks like you have some css that modifies the styling of TextField but not IntegerField.

If this is an app that was originally built in v14 or so, and styled in that version, then later upgraded to v24 or such, there’s been changed to how styles are shared between components.

I use this V24 styling and I’m already in V24.1.12 version

@nice-camel it’s vaadin-integer-field , not vaadin-number-field