Installing Vaadin and Tomcat to Mac OSX


I am total newbie with Vaadin and I tried to install Eclipse, Tomcat 7 and Vaadin to my MacBook and of course I got some error messages :slight_smile: I tried to create a new Vaadin Project and I got the errormessage: "Runtime “apache Tomcat V7.0” in invalid. Tomcat requires a Java SDK in order to compile JSP files. Ensure that the JRE preference settings point t an SDK install location. "

This is not the Vaadin problem, maybe it is the problem in the book of Vaadin, because I tried to follow the instructions in the book. I have Eclipse Helios and the latest Vaadin and the latest Vaadin plugin to Eclipse.

How can I get rid of this problem?


Try Window → Preferences → Java → Installed JREs, and add a JDK (instead of just a JRE) to the list or select it as default. You probably have one already installed somewhere if you are developing Java applications, but install one if not.

Ive made it this way - I had the same error/problem and I changed the location of tomcat from the location recommended in tutorials around the net. Its a server, which provides websites/-apps and I changed the location to ~/Sites/server/tomcat/[version]

  • I run more than only one Tomcat-Version for testing.

This location worked well. Delete all Servers from your workspace and add `em new. (BTW: I use Eclipse EE, not sure whether it is so many differences to other Eclipse Versions | And Tomcat 7 and 6).

The only problem that exists is that if you start the server from eclipse, you may get Error 404 on start for the root: localhost:8080. This is sometimes, not always the issue. Maybe someone can help us macish gui-required people. :wink: But the app, when you start project from eclipse works fine always.

The “Sites” folder in your home folder is explicitly for Apple’s personal web sharing feature (based on Apache last I heard).

You really shouldn’t need to put Tomcat there. I usually store Tomcat in the home folder.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never been able to use Tomcat without first changing permissions on its files.

After downloading, I drag and drop the Tomcat folder onto the “BatChmod” app.

I check all the “Options” checkboxes except “Clear xattrs”. And I check the “Apply to enclosed folders” checkbox.

I have much experience with Tomcat on Macs, but not with Vaadin yet.


I get this error when installing the plugin for EclipseÑ


Could not create the view: Plug-in org.eclipse.ui.views.log was unable to load class org.eclipse.ui.internal.views.log.LogView.

why may this be?