Installing from source on Mac OS X

I’m trying to install Vaadin from source on Mac OS X. I’ve followed the simple instructions at but when I try to do an “ant package-mac” I get this:

Buildfile: build.xml

Target "package-mac" does not exist in the project "Vaadin". 

Total time: 0 seconds

In the 6.2 build/build.xml file I see a bunch of package-mac stuff that isn’t present in the 6.3 build.xml, so maybe the build procedure is changing?

Vaadin 6.3 will be platform independent so there is no longer a “package-mac” target. Try “package-zip” or “package-jar” instead.

EDIT: Just adding that nightly builds can also be downloaded from
or using the Eclipse plugin if you don’t want to build yourself.

In the 6.3 branch, using GWT 2.0 allows us to eliminate the platform specific packages and create a single cross-platform package. Also, the core GWT libraries are provided with the Vaadin source code.

The comments in the beginning of the 6.3 build.xml are obsolete and should be updated.

The relevant targets are:

  • package-zip - like the full distribution package you can download
  • package-jar - core Vaadin classes, source code, themes and widgetset
  • package-war - demos that can be deployed on an application server

Thanks, that’s about what I figured. I’ve got it built now so I just need to figure out how to get it working with Eclipse.

I’m wanting to build from source if possible because I always feel a bit more comfortable with web technologies if I know how to do that, and anyway I want to work with 6.3 for its GWT 2.0 integration. When 6.3 is released, I’ll probably switch to the stable release package if I have any significant code base of my own by that time.