Installing from downloaded zip file

I have Windows XP and the Spring Tool Suite, based on eclipse 3.8, running on a virtual machine. Attempts to install automatically using “Help / Install New Software” failed; it asks me for authentication and evidently the username(or email) and password I created on the vaadin site don’t work there.

So I downloaded the vaadin-6.8.7.jar and the I extracted all contents from the zip file.

The web page that refers to the zip file says to “follow the instructions in the zip file”, but there aren’t any. I am not all that familiar with what is necessary to run an eclipse plugin; is there a place that will explain that to me, or give me step-by-step instructions, or something?


Hi copied this from the Vaadin Directory entry.


  • Download the zip file to a location of your choice
  • Install the add-on in Eclipse:
    • Select Help → Install New Software
    • Add the archive as an update site (Add… → Archive… → select the downloaded file)
    • Check the “Vaadin” checkbox (or all plugins) and click ok
    • Restart Eclipse when asked

Try if these steps help.