Install Vaadin App in Linux server requirements?

I am somehow confused of what should be already in linux to have my Vaadin app running, I think my POM file is complete, should I just install Java 11, and Postgree DB, or must I install Maven, or is Maven already part of the Java 11 install.,
Should I install SpringBoot seperatly, or is my POM file doing this job for me?

List of things I am thinking of:
install Java 11
install Maven
install SpringBoot
install Postgre

I also assume,
POM has Springboot, Postgree JDBC,

thank you

Linux Server == production mode? Java, database and your created jar file is all you need

You may want to think about, if you start the vaadin jar directly with java -jar or if you use Jetty / Tomcat / … where you deploy it to. Might integrate better within the Linux as you have webserver users, start stop mechanisms etc.

I have a VPS, so I java -jar

Spring Boot apps can also be packaged as system services, then you can use standard tooling to start/stop/restart your server. Deploying Spring Boot Applications