Inporting the Vaadin Spreadsheet into the dashboard demo


I have been trying, so far with little luck to use the spreadsheet component in the dashboard demo. För some reason when I try to add this component it does not work.

The thing I have done, so far

  1. Add the dependency to the project ( via Maven )

  2. Try to add a Spreadsheet to the transaction view

    Spreadsheet spreadsheet;

    public TransactionsView() {

     spreadsheet = new Spreadsheet();        

Unfortunatly no matter whay I try, now spreadsheet wants to apeer. Anybody got any ideers what I am missing?

I have done “mvn vaadin:update-theme”, and checked that the spreadsheet is addons.scss contains @import and @include

The page can be found here:!transactions

I have the same issue - all that appears is the equivalent of one textbox.

Does anybody have any idea? Thanks.

Hi René and James,

I’m sorry to hear, that your trial with Spreadsheet didn’t go smoothly.

You have done right by updating the theme as Spreadsheet contains its own styles. Anyway, it seems that currently the dashboard demo does not include addons.scss as it should.

Update the styles.scss file as follows:[code]
// Import all the mixins for this theme
@import “addons.scss”;
@import “dashboard”;

.dashboard {
// Output the actual theme selectors
@include addons;
@include dashboard;
Now, you should be able to see the spreadsheet in the view.


Hi Jarno,

This still doesn’t work for me, I still have the same issue after compiling the widgetset.
Is there something else I have to do?


Hi Jarno,

It is working fully for me now with the code you posted above, I’m not sure why it didn’t work when I tried yesterday.

Thanks a lot,

Hi James,

Great that you got it working!

I forgot to mention that theme needs to be compiled after the change (no need for widgetset compilation). Normally, that happens on the fly in development mode. If the file styles.css already exists, that wouldn’t happen though. More info about the compilation can be found from
the book of Vaadin