Inline expansion of row.

I have a table with the fixed no of character in a column named “Description”. As the mouse points over the row, is it possible to expand the row and show the whole details of the “Description” column. Kind of inline expansion.

I am not sure if this is possible in Vaadin table or if there are ny add-ons to do this.

Has anyone come across this.If so please share.


Do you mean just a tooltip for the description cell or actually making the row higher, with more information.

As noted in other posts, there is no support in the standard table for expanding a row vertically to display more information etc. All table rows should be of the same height.

As for tooltips, there is an enhancement request (
) to support per-item tooltips. What I think you can do, though, is to use a field factory for the table that returns fields (components) that handle the tooltip. This is heavier than just text in the table, and probably should only be used for the columns where it is needed.