Inject configuration variables to css at runtime

Hey everyone,
we have a custom icon font in our app, and in our css somewhere there’s the point where we specify the @font-face for this font, so far similar to @font-face { src: url("/frontend/assets/fonts..") } and the font files are placed into resources/META-INF/resources and picked up from there.
This is fine until we try to deploy the app under some subpath, e.g. In this case, myapp can be configured by the party running our app (especially after build time), so I now I need to communicate this config value somehow to the part that creates the @font-face rule.
Fiddling with the vite build does not seem to work, as vaadinBuildFrontend is as far as I know not done when shipping a product, and using css custom properties is infeasible for this case.
Does anyone have an idea how to do this?

Try using a relative path instead of an absolute, that should work no matter the context

Mhh… when I am on a relative path tries to get the fonts from

Tested in dev mode, vaadin 23 with vite

I’m not sure, because I did not tested it, but you can try to see if Frontend/ prefix works. IIRC it should be resolved by Vite to the frontend folder.