Inheritance of CheckBox and linked classes

Hey guys,

so again … or still my goal is to create a custom CheckBox component with following specifications:

  • Description should be in front OR after CheckBox
  • CheckBox should be full customizeable (no native CheckBoxes)
  • Should be usable in IE8

I prefer ways in which i didn’t have to rewrite everything from ’; '.

I tried several ways and im quite not smart enough for vaadin i think. Also its hard for me to "just convert the CustomCheckBox addon from Vaadin6,… im new to Vaadin7 and didn’t get all of it till now, so sure I also did not know much about Vaadin6 …)

First i thought i just write a custom component. I followed the wiki article of v7 and yeah,… it worked… a little.
I’t doesn’t feel like a vaadin component. I have no addValueChangeListener() except i implement my own, not very smart, stuff.


After that it thought i follow a little the addon from v6 i created just a extending class of CheckBox and i connected it with a VButton in frontend. Doesn’t work at all. I simply doen’t get the right combination of extending connector classes or extending state classes or else…
For example no valueChange event was fired properly so that :

final ownButton t = new ownButton();
t.addValueChangeListener(new ValueChangeListener() {

			public void valueChange(final ValueChangeEvent event) {


So after all that brainfuck i thought… actually it should be easy to achive that.

You just extend CheckBox as super class. Add sure nothing to the classes, the ownCheckBoxState extends CheckBoxState, ownCheckBoxConnector extends CheckBoxConnector and so on…

and yes also the ownCheckBox
extends VCheckBox and just overwrite the method which is building the CheckBox element.

Of course its not that easy as i hardly realized…

The building of the native HTML checkbox element is done in
So i cant extend VCheckBox because i m not able to overwrite the abstract function of gwt …

okay,… but if i want to inherit from gwt CheckBox, its also not possible to set
CheckBox, CheckBoxConnector,CheckBoxState… usw. as superclasses for my other classes that are needed for a own component.

So i really have no idea how to achive this, in my eyes, simple changings to a CheckBox…?!
Is it really that hard?

Of course im new to Vaadin, but … really?

Thanks in advance.