IndexedContainter with custom ItemSorter for just one

How can I implement in ItemSorter that the specyfic sorting will apply only to one of the ItemId of the IndexContainer not for the whole type of data (i.e. String). The reason is IndexedContainer set to FilterTable will have then costom sort method not a default. As far as I know the

public int compare(Object o1, Object o2) {

of ItemSorter has to be modifed but how can I figure out that the o1 and o2 coming from specific Id of IndexedContainer?

The idea is that you would create your own ItemSorter class by extending this interface class. I.e. MyItemSorter extends ItemSorter.

Then you can override compare with your own method

public int compare(MyObject o1, MyObject o2) {

The parameters for the ItemSorter compare() method must always be item ids which exist in the container set using #setSortProperties(Sortable, Object, boolean

After done, set ItemSorter in IndexedContainer using setItemSorter(myItemSorter), where myItemSorter is instance of MyItemSorter.

Br. Tatu