Hey Everyone,

So I’m really new to this very nice framework…i have written very few basics apps, and also i am checking out the 5 minute tutorial…I have this question though…what does the IndexedContainer do???..i checked out the API but didnt really understand anything from the description and I haven’t come across a source that would explain what does it do and how to use it…if anyone could help here, i would really appreciate it

Take a look at the chapter in about datamodels in the
Book of Vaadin
. It explains what containers are and how to use it (the chapter is quite short so it shouldn’t take too much time to read it).

Thanks a lot, this community is great :)… I would actually like to help with the development once i get the hang out of the framework :slight_smile:

That’s great! If you want to do addons outside the core you can get commit access to our contrib or incubator sections of the SVN just by asking. To get commit access to the core is also possible, but you need to prove yourself first by submitting high-quality patches.

That sounds very interesting, I will do my best…what kind of knowledge is required though??..I know Java very well, but what other knowledge is required