IndexContainer Class for Filter table not found in vaadin-server-8.1.5.jar

In earlier version of vaadin7.7 we found IndexContainer class in vaadin-server-7.7…jar file but in vaadin-server-8.1.5 jar I didn’t found this class

When I downloaded new jar for filter table, I checked new source for filter table example there also I found IndexContainer used

Please tell me where I can found IndexContainer class in vaadin 8.1.5 version ?

IndexedContainer is in the compatibility package, i.e. com.vaadin.v7.*

There is updated version of FilterTable for Vaadin 8, which has modified to use e.g. table & containers in compatibility package, you should use that one.

Thanks Tatu, I appreciate your quick reply, it helped me a lot.

Actually I used filter table in vaadin 7 and updated vaadin to 8 and confused for this class now I found it.

Thank you very much.

Hi Tatu,

All methods of filter table seems deprecated in vaadin 8,

Can you please suggest me if any new component added like filter table or advance in Vaadin 8.