This works now: [quote]
[/quote] but it is not so nice address.
My domain has Plesk 8.6 and it has an index.html.
What should be in index.html that it redirects to [quote]
Nothing happens with this index.html

You can install the war also to root context. The deployment depends on the app server; in Tomcat you would deploy the app as ROOT.war.

Well, often it is better not to deploy to root context, if you want to have also some static content on the server later, such as documentation, front page, etc. You could serve those through the servlet as well though.

A really useful looking application (started looking for tax values on Smart Roadsters ;)). Unfortunately, there seems to be some double scroll-bars. You should ensure that all layouts (including the one in the main window) have setSizeFull(true) and expand ratios are correctly set.