Increase the size of all widgets and fonts

Hello there,

is there a possibility to increase the font size for all widgets including their size without creating a complete new theme?

If tried to base by theme on Reindeer and added a font-size declaration to everything below /* Global font styles */ but this breaks the layout of TextFields, ComboBoxes, …

Is there something I’m missing?




unfortunately many of the widgets in Vaadin have theming which is done with images. Images obviously won’t grow with the font-size, resulting in the issues you’re seeing.

I think one way to make it work would be to start from the Base theme which should not include these images (or at least not that many) and try to work out a more dynamic styling for the widgets.

Also the Chameleon theme is a bit more resize-friendly than reindeer, and future themes probably more so as IE6/7 support is no longer a concern.