Increase delay for displaying hints

Is there a possibility to increase the delay before a hint/description is displayed?

My problem is that the component reacts also on a click and it should do something else. But when the hint is displayed, I can’t click on the component because the hint is hiding it.


Hi Andreas,

Unfortunately the timing info is hard coded in the VTooltip class and the only way to override it is to create your own widgetset and create your own implementation of VTooltip (basically a copy of the class and make it configurable / set your own timeout constants) and make GWT use your class whenever VTooltip is instantiated via GWT.create(). See GWT documentation on deferred binding for more information on how to do it.


Thanks for your answer Jonatan.

In this case I try to live with it as it is:). Your suggested workaround is too heavy for the benefit it brings.