Incompatibleclasschangeerror? Addon Problem!

H there,

I’m not that good a programmer so this may be a minor thing but I can’t find it.

I’m right now trying to implement the Addon ContextMenu to vaadin 6 (

I made a new application class, a context menu class and a testbutton.

My plan was to display the context menu when you click the button, which should be easy enough if you look at the code example in the addon description.

But if I try to add the contextmenu object I made to the main window, my application crashes and gives me a “java.lang.incompatibleclasschangeerror”

the next lines tell me com.vaadin.ui.AbstractCoponentContainer.addComponent(AbstractComponentContainer)m shich I think means the mainWindow.addComponent does not like the type of te context menu?

Can anyone help me resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Something in your classpath is binary incompatible. Although your program is syntactically correct, there are changes that broke the bytecode. A Full recompile might help. Id it doesn’t, doublecheck the versions of the JARs. Especially check if you have the correct Vaadin 6 Version of the addon.

Thanks for your quick answer tobias.

Well, I rebuild the thing and cleaned it but no deal.

I’m using the ContextMenu version 3.1.0 and Vaadin 6.8.7, which I think should work.

I tryied to make a test project with vaadin 6.4.10 but that gives me completely different kind of error, just for trying to start it.

Any other ideas?