Improving the HTML table webinar

Join Leif Åstrand and Sami Ekblad from Vaadin on how to improve the HTML table. An interesting dive into the secrets of web browsers and how to optimize the HTML table for browsers in order to showcase millions of rows of data on the screen.

The webinar airs today at 3PM CET.


Post your questions and comments below. Thank you!

Get ready! Going live in half an hour. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to configure Grid to look and work like a TreeTable?

Is there any restriction on the type of widget that can be used in a grid cell by a renderer? For example, a layout of buttons?

Thanks Guys. When do we get to play with it? Roadmap says beta early december - can you say anything more specific?


Also, does grid support programmatically scrolling to a certain row?

Many thanks,

We’re doing our best to hold on to the beta schedule presented in the roadmap. If you feel brave, your can also try out alpha 13 that was released about two weeks ago. It’s available both on the
dowload page
and in Maven.

Yes. On the server you have Grid.scrollTo(Object itemid) and on the client there’s both scrollToRow(int rowIndex) as well as setScrollTop(double px) for going to a specific pixel position.

Great - Thanks Leif, and thanks for another great webinar. Looking forward to having a play!