Impressive; could this inspire Table v7.x

Copy-Pasting to/from Spreadsheets, and many of the features (including the look !) are extremely interesting. Wiping drool from corner of my mouth.

I can only agree to this. We are
trying to use Vaadin in a banking and finance environment and it’s really hard without a powerful, editable table widget. Most of the finance guys work with excel all day long and having a really small gap between a Vaadin app and Excel is priceless!


I could not agree more! Vaadin’s table is barely acceptable in its current form.

However, from the (very, very) brief review I’ve had of Vaadin 7, it looks like the Javascrpt integration and bi-directional interaction between Java (server) and the client (front-end) should make wrapping a Vaadinized version of this a relatively trivial piece of work (notice the large amount of hope in that statement, especially from a developer who does not like JavaScript).

Very nice toy to have in the toolbox.

A few more to consider: