Importing images from the base theme

I have created a base theme which includes a css file and has its own img folder. This img folder contains common images that the rest of the themes can use too. The base theme is being imported in other themes - Theme A and Theme B; using @import in the css file. I am using Vaadin 6.8 and setting Theme A or Theme B in my application because of which the path to the images in base theme img folder is not working.

Is there any way of importing all the images in the base theme img folder to the other themes? Thanks.

You should be able to refer to the images in your base theme with “…/basethemename/img/foo.png”, depending on the location of the particular CSS file where you refer to it. You can use the relative path also in ThemeResource.

PS. Just don’t name your base theme as “base”, as Vaadin also includes a base theme with that name.