IMP: Table LazyContainer Question

I am trying to use LazyContainer add-on for the table that has more than million records. I am seeing the following behavior. (I am trying to achieve the record sliding using slider instead of adding paging next/prev stuff)

a) I give the total record size to 1 million
b) When I scroll the table slider down, I see the l
oadItems(int startIndex, int count)
is being called with specific range of page size (20 in my case).
c) When I scroll the table slider up, I dont see the
method being called at all
d) Does it mean that when my slider is at the bottom, the container has all million records in memory? Which is hard to believe. So when the
will be called when I move my slider up?

I hope I am wrong, because my requirement is to keep only 20 records in memory at any given time and whenever I move slider up and down it should fetch next range of records.

The most useful would have been to call the
when ever I release the slider that would have been perfect.

Can somebody explain whether and how can I achieve my desired effect as well as is it true about point d above?