Image scalar problem

Hi ,
i used the image scalar add on
but it shown problem is cumming with .bmp images(unable to load the image ) please tell me how to fix this issue…


For the record and ease of communication, that’s scaler (like “scaling”, “to scale”), not
And BMP is not a Web image format. It is supported in IE, because BMP is an invention of Microsoft, it might be more or less supported by other browsers, I don’t know, but overall, it is a format to avoid, in favor of Jpeg (for photographies) or PNG (for precise images like screenshots, B&W illustrations, etc.).

please tell me how to fix this issue…

I don’t know what you scale… How you use these images, where they come from, if they are generated or in the application’s resources, etc.
But as I wrote, the easiest way is to convert your images to PNG. Or Jpeg.

Thank you for your advice, please tell me how to convert (.bmp) images to jpg and JPeg. please tell me the program Code

Again, it depends on your needs, and your system…
Needs: is it a limited set of images, eg. icons? If so, that’s a task you will do once. If it is about images you generate, you probably have options to generate them in another format. Or, at worse, you can use a command line converter.
System: on Windows, you can just use a GUI program like IrfanView or XNView. The latter also has an Nconvert program that work on the command line (but IrfanView can do job tasks too).
On other systems, I don’t know them that well, but nearly all modern viewers can do the conversion.

A good tool too is ImageMagick: it is cross-platform (all systems), works on the command line, and powerful.

Thank you for reply, I am using Image scaler to get original size of the image when user click on the Embedded image .see the below code[code]
public void click(com.vaadin.event.MouseEvents.ClickEvent event) {
ImageScaler imageScaler = new ImageScaler();
try {
ImageSize is=new ImageSize(getApplication().getContext().getBaseDirectory()+“/VAADIN/themes/agridoc/media/images/phone.jpg”);
catch (InterruptedException e1) {

							MediaImagesView m=new MediaImagesView(agridocApplication);						            
							imageScaler.setImage(new ThemeResource("media\\images\\phone.jpg"),iwidth,iheight);
	                        Window w=m.imageSubWindow(imageScaler,iwidth,iheight,path);	

public Window imageSubWindow(Component c,int iwidth,int iheight,String path) {
	Window subWindow=new Window("Selected Image");
	return subWindow;


This code is working fine on google chrome browser but not Mozillah,IE(unable to display the image on Mozillah firefox,Internet Explorer )please fix this issue…

Thanks in advance