Image in Table Cell blocks event propagation to Table Record

I have a Table. A column generator is used to generate content for a column. Sometimes a
is returned, and other times an
is returned.

If the column returns a
with Font icon content and set to HTML Content Mode then the image of the icon is rendered. When clicked the corresponding record/item is selected in the Table.

return new Label(FontAwesome.ADJUST.getHtml()+" some text ",ContentMode.HTML);

If the column returns an Image (referring to a
()) the image is properly displayed in the Table cell. However, there appear to be portions of the image which block propagation to the underlying Table item.

return new Image("",new ThemeResource("img/some_img.png"); Q: Is this expected behavior?

Q: If not, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


some vaadin components do “eat” the events - I don’t remember if Image is one of these but seems probable. Please try for a fix. I haven’t actually tried it with Image but I think it might work. If it doesn’t, please report back so I can try to fix it.