Image as drag "handle" for drag'n drop of Table rows


I have a table where I need to have fairly complex cell contents (CustomComponent), i.e. components which prevents normal table row drag and drop. As a workaround I was thinking about having a “drag handle” (like in some iOS apps). But, the same problem occurs with Image components as other complex components.

I have read a few posts about this but I haven’t found any solutions yet, someone with an idea?

I solved normal clicking (which have the same symptoms) by adding a click listener to my custom component and selecting/deselecting rows based on clicks. Ugly, but it works.


I haven’t tried to do this myself, but could you perhaps just add a generated string column to the table, and add a cell style to those, and then add the image as a CSS background? That way you probably can initiate the row drag from that cell.