IkarusOFC : A Vaadin Wrapper for Open Flash Chart 2

This addon is being used in IkarusProject

Vaadin wrapper for OFC2 flash charts.

  • At startup; inline data feeding.
  • During chart loading shows Vaadin’s progress indicator.
  • Set data to chart through Vaadin’s ContainerdataSource strategy.


  • Put open-flash-chart.swf under WEB-INF/ofc directory (Default), or give the swf path through constructor.
  • Put jofc2.xxx.jar under WEB-INF/lib
  • Put xtream.xxx.jar under WEB-INF/lib

Check demo application inside addon for usage.
Tested with ICEPush, pushing chart data to browser.

OK, I’ve got open-flash-chart.swf in my WEB-INF/ofc directory, dependencies to jofc2 and xstream in pom.xml file and still charts aren’t displaying in my app. There are blank embedded flash elements. Any idea what I can do about it?