IFrame with PDF Document (Vaadin 14)

Hi! I am currently working on a Grid designed to render a PDF Document upon clicking on a row. I am using ItemDetailsRenderer on the grid. The rendered component contains an IFrame which then renders the pdf correctly. My issue is the dimension of the pdf. While the width is set correctly to full size of its html container, I would like the component to display the pdf in full size and disable the scrolling. Any pointers on how i could achieve that?

If you are using a custom JavaScript library to show the PDF: the library should have those options - if you are relying on the native Browser feature for PDF rendering you are out of luck

i m using the vaadin IFrame component which apparently doesn t support my lofty goals. Any suggestions for a library?

Sadly not, I try to stay away from JavaScript :sweat_smile:

yeah, i feel ya :smile: