IE7 CSS issues with application height and comboboxes/shadows

Some background to my issue:

We have a custom theme that extends the reindeer theme. These issues appear only on IE7 and occasionally on IE8 if zooming is used.

First issue:

IE generates scroll bar for the vaadin applications content, and a outer scroll bar for some reason. Very confusing for the user and doesn’t look nice.

I tried playing around with the main windows layout sizes and using setSizeFull and setSizeUndefined() etc. but to no success. We eventually resolved this by overriding v-app.height to auto in css. This seems to fix the problem fine, but then we come to the second issue.

Second issue:

As you can see, the modal subwindows shadow is off and the combobox contents and shadow are also in the wrong place. Setting v-app.height back to the 100% default in the reindeer theme seems to help this a bit, eg. the comboboxes work properly on resolutions where the entire application fits on the browser screen, but I can still reproduce the problem if I set a really small resolution like 1024x768.

Any suggestions how I could get rid of both issues at once? It seems like the fixes I have found for now only work for either issue, not both.